The Forevertron

artist: Tom Every / AKA Dr. Evermor (born: 1938)
built: c. 1983 - c. 2000
where: about 9 miles south of Baraboo, Wisconsin on US 12
status: open to the public, although exact days not confirmed.
Forevertron web info

The Forevertron can't be described in words. Some people have thrown around stuff like, "a masterpiece of visionary folk art", or "that thing's way cool". Back in 1983, Dr. Evermor (or Tom Every, as he was known back then) began construction on one of the few 320 ton, 50 foot high, anti-gravitation machines in South-Central Wisconsin. Using his years of experience as an industrial wrecker, and his convenient location at Delaney's Surplus yard, Dr. Evermor created an environment that also includes an assortment of other pieces: a giant spider, a customized barbecue-pit vehicle, and a 46 member Bird Band. Who knew that old survey markers, quantum physics, and art could be "way cool"?

Fall 2017 visit photos on Flickr

Fall 1998 visit

all photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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