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Additional Comments
& Shout-Outs:

Amarillo - If you're traveling east on Interstate 40, stop to tour this sophisticated (and award-winning) work of architecture by David Richter & Elizabeth Chu Richter, the Texas Travel Information Center.
(30 miles west of) Austin - An oasis of nature, Westcave Preserve
Austin - It's been called the second-best collection of English literature in the world, following only the British Library. Including a Gutenberg Bible, Edgar Allan Poe's writing desk, the world's first photograph, five million rare books, and much more: The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas. My favorite work in their collection is the Victorian Blood Book.
Austin - A place both architects and their grandmothers will enjoy: The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
Austin - Another place both architects and their grandmothers will enjoy: The Charles Moore Foundation.
Beaumont - The most beautiful cathedral in Texas? Why that would be "The Little Vatican", St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Cathedral.
Corpus Christi Bay - What a damn good song.
Dallas - Looks good from a DC-9 at night.
Dallas - Texas, for the past quarter-century bringing you the best in modern art and architecture (I'm not kidding), adds another gem: architect Renzo Piano's Nasher Sculpture Center.
Dallas - Slightly pompous Texas art deco at its best: The Hall of State at Fair Park.
Denton - Catty-cornered from the stately old courthouse, one of the best used bookstores in the country; Recycled Books. (In Texas, probably second only to Larry McMurtry's Archer City store.)
El Paso - I wanna get me some Rocketbuster Boots !!!!!
Elgin - Why I could never go 100% vegetarian: Southside Market and Barbeque. Mmmmm....the ribs....the ribs.
Falfurrias - The next time your driving in South Texas, check out the best highway rest area building in the U.S. (By one of my most admired architecture firms in the U.S., Richter Architects of Corpus Christi.)
Fort Worth - Louis Kahn's masterpiece: The Kimbell Art Museum. Architecture doesn't get any better. The museum's permanent collection is also excellent.
Fort Worth - Yet another reason to visit the best city in the Metroplex; the Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth, designed by Japanese archi-god Tadao Ando.
Galveston - The architecture of Nicholas J. Clayton.
55 miles south of Carlsbad, New Mexico - Guadalupe Mountains National Park; relatively unknown, Guadalupe is a great place to get away from the busloads of tourists that swamp the other National Parks of the West.
"...and Houston really ain't that bad a town" - Steve Earle. (Just don't come here from the middle of May through the middle of September. Or late September if there's a hurricane approaching. Or right after visiting Portland. Drop me a line, I'll give ya a tour.)
Houston - Five blocks from my house, one of the best museums in the world: The Menil Collection.
Houston - Green before green was Green, that ode to recycling, The Beer Can House. Now restored and reopened by the fine folks at the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. (Here's my pics)
Houston - The Museum of Fine Arts. The Beck Building designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo is a big blocky snooze, but the Mies van der Rohe addition to the original museum has to be one of the most underrated works of architecture in America. I have no idea why it's not more respected or better known. It's a knockout.
Houston - The one and only Orange Show (And here is my own O. Show page)
Houston - The Rothko Chapel, Houston's most sacred space. Where Mark Rothko found light in the darkness.
between Houston & San Antonio - The Painted Churches of Texas.
Lockhart - Lockhart: the Mecca, Vatican, and Salt Lake City of Texas Barbeque. The most famous two joints are the family-feuding Smitty's Market and Kreuz Market.
Marfa - A pilgrimage site for those who dress in black, The Chinati Foundation is the home of a sublime environment created by minimalist sculptor Donald Judd on the grounds of a former U.S. Cavalry base. Mill aluminum never looked so holy.
Orange - My newest favorite destination in Texas; The Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center. (here's my photos)
"...We were already almost out of America and yet definitely in it and in the middle of where it's maddest. Hotrods blew by. San Antonio, ah-hah!" - Jack Kerouac, On the Road
Temple - 1950's laminated modernism, perfectly preserved on the plains of Central Texas; The Wilson House. (Designed and built by the founder of Wilsonart International.)
Waxahachie - My favorite small town in Texas, with one of my all-time favorite buildings: The Ellis County Courthouse. (As well as one of my favorite collections of folk art: The Webb Gallery. Be sure and say howdy to Bruce & Julie.)

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