the road to kansas city
spring 2009

Recession be darned, time for a budget roadtrip to visit all of my Kansas City compadres and attend the art event of the year. It was off at 4:45am with new oil, a new GPS, and a new Neko on a northern drive.

it's not just a giant abstracted pop bottle...'s the coolest, sharpest new gas station / diner / gift shop in America.
Architect Rand Elliott's POPS, Route 66, Arcadia, Oklahoma.

"Oh, the Places You'll Go" was already checked out;
The Kansas City Central Library's new parking garage.

Erika has not fallen and she can get up

tracks & shadows along the muddy banks of the Missouri

18th & Vine signage

Kelly's Debra Jane shout-out

Erika's Debra Jane shout-out

My Debra Jane shout-out

And Debra Jane replies !!

Bird lives, and looks a lot like Buddha

ye olde Vine Street Workhouse prison

to kansas city
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photos copyright Lawrence Harris