fall 2002

It's off to Baton Rouge for Daniel & Sara's big Louuuseeana wedding. Headed out on Friday morning with Tami in her Yellow Bug, stopped in Houma for a huge cajun lunch, and made it just in time for the dedication of a new folk art pilgrimage site on da bayou. In the late afternoon twilight along the Mississippi River, passing swamps n spanish moss n toxic waste n plantations. Some touring on Saturday morning with the gang in the rain. An old capitol, a new church, mud painting, and hothouse flowers. Saturday evening it's time for tuxes, a bride & groom, and helping to hold the houpah. After a foodfest reception we all went for a boozefest reunion, with Mary leading us on a halfway-to-New Orleans goose chase.

the sculpture garden of folk artist kenny hill, chauvin

the old state capitol building, baton rouge

the sublime st. jean vianney catholic church, baton rouge

raymond helping a confused visitor at the state capitol

reunion of the best darn production architecture firm in the u.s. of a. *

the Five Neat Guys *

photos copyright Lawrence Harris / * wedding photos by Señor Autrique

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