philly, jersey, & NYC
summer 2006

Heat, humidity, flooding?
No, it's not another June day in Houston, it's a week in Philadelphia !

And with it raining the whole time, I only took ten photos...

At the grand opening of Maria's Museum of Surprise Birthday Art
Haddon Heights, NJ

more selections from Maria's portrait collection

Why hasn't anyone ever told me about the genius of Samuel Yellin??

more Yellin in Philly

Mr. I in Bethlehem...

...his bottlecap mule...

...and his house o' art

the waterfall at Paley Park, Manhattan, manipulated

Raimund Abraham's 25-foot wide sliver: The Austrian Cultural Forum, Manhattan
(Note to the ACF: crank up the air conditioning a bit.)

Lord Norman Foster's new, underwhelming, too flat, and
about twenty-floors-too-short Hearst Tower, Manhattan.
At least it's Green.

photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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