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New Mexico, 2009

It was good to take a restful year off from tour leading (AKA cat herding), but now it's off again for another out-of-town Orange Show Eyeopener Tour, this time to a long awaited destination, that land of (eye)chantment, northern New Mexico. With my regular group of tour veterans and a few newbies on board, Bob Davidson our fearless driver at the wheel, along with two ice coolers packed with beer and wine that you can purchase at 7:00 am in this forward-thinking state, we are ready to go...

before we arrived we received a call from
the Albuquerque media

beloved landmark of Albuquerque and masterpiece of the Pueblo Deco style:
the KiMO Theater

more KiMo pics from my 2008 field trip

200+ years old and counting: the church of San Felipe de Nevi
Old Town Albuquerque

the madonna in the cottonwood
Old Town Albuquerque

Beverley Magennis's (and now Erin and Kyle's) monument to
color, pattern, joy and life: the Tile House in Albuquerque.
there should be one on every street.

lots more Tile House pics from my 2008 field trip

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photos copyright Lawrence Harris