Selected Architecture by Louis Sullivan

  The "Jewel Box" Banks

  National Farmers' Bank, Owatonna, Minnesota

  Peoples' Savings Bank, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  Merchants' National Bank, Grinnell, Iowa

  Home Building Association, Newark, Ohio

  People's Savings and Loan Association, Sidney, Ohio

  Farmers and Merchants Union Bank, Columbus, Wisconsin

  The Skyscrapers

  Auditorium Building, Chicago, Illinois

  Wainwright Building, Saint Louis, Missouri

  Guaranty Building, Buffalo, New York

  Bayard - Condict Building, New York City, New York

  Carson, Pirie & Scott Building, Chicago, Illinois

  Van Allen and Son Department Store, Clinton, Iowa

  Lost Sullivan Buildings

  Other Works

Location Maps of Existing
Architecture by Louis Sullivan

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all photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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