Selected Architecture by
Frank Lloyd Wright

"... One imagines him arriving this week-end in Heaven, tapping his malacca cane against the pearly gates to test the strength of the carbonate of lime, and greeting St. Peter with the disarming tranquil gaze and the snowy head held high. He will ask to see the 'many mansions I've been hearing about for nearly ninety years,' and will be taken on an obsequious tour only to discover, without surprise and without regret, that there is a distressing reliance on Gothic, that there is nothing so bold as the cantilevered balcony over the waterfall in Bear Run, Pennsylvania; that nothing has been done to dampen with colored glass the enormous glare of the light that never was on land or sea. He will say as he turns away in boredom from his guide: 'The principle of floating all of these structures on a more or less stable mass of cumulus clouds is no newer that the cushion of mud I put under the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in 1922, with the express purpose of withstanding (as it did) the wrath of God. I understand He has been sulking ever since.' "

- Alistair Cooke, from his obituary of Frank Lloyd Wright, April 16, 1959.

  1880s & 1890s

  1905 - Darwin D. Martin House

  1905 - Rookery Building Lobby Renovation

  1908 - Unity Temple

  1900s - Other Work



  1937 - Fallingwater

  1937 - Taliesin West

  1939 - The Johnson Wax Building

  1930s - Other Work


  1956 - The Price Tower

  1959 - Beth Sholom Synagogue

  1959 - The Guggenheim Museum

  1950s - Other Work

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Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright
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