lake charles, louisiana
summer 2010

Following the arrival of my flying Kansas City pal Randy "Rare Visions" Mason, we headed due east for Louisiana to rendezvous with roadtripping KC pal Kelly "Detour Art" Ludwig for the occasion of the mega-grand exhibit opening of Kelly's super-fantastic collection o' folk art.

Despite the invisible exterior signage, we were able to find the fun & informative
Lake Charles Mardi Gras Museum of Imperial Calcasieu...

...where you don't want to be locked up in after midnight with the...

...creepy animatronic King Cake Baby from Hell !!!!!

Two stories high, mr. imagination's guitar announces the big show.

Detour Art, looking' good under the bright lights.

Kelly and her Mirelez

After a smashing opening and jam-packed gallery talk,
the Countess of Collecting finally takes a break.

We're honored, your Honor:
In thanks for our (i.e. Kelly's) presentation on folk art, the mayor of Lake Charles
presented Kelly, Randy, and me with genuine keys to the city.

(We decided to wait a month before we try them out at area banks and liquor stores.)

Advice for Architects, Volume 2,379:
Try to configure motel bathrooms between guest rooms rather than inside guest rooms.

Big editorial article for the big show.

Mr. Flanagan's eye-opening junk barn & calligraphy gallery
Beaumont, TX

My upteenth visit to my favorite restaurant with a visionary folk art masterpiece:
The Eye of the World
Beaumont, TX

photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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