summer 2006

"You went to Beaumont, Texas??. . . . but there ain't nothing there !"

Oh Yeah ??

After picking up my pals Nancy & Pat,
we headed out from Galveston over the Bolivar Ferry

The best Mediterranean Revival Style residential / retail building in Texas?
Gotta be The Mildred

more photos of
The Mildred Building

The most beautiful cathedral (and newest basilica-status Catholic church) in Texas?
That would be the "Little Vatican"; St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Cathedral

In the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, along with
John Alexander (wall), James Surls (floor), and Charles Stagg (corner)

One of my favorite works of folk art:
the totems of Felix "Fox" Harris

artist & visionary Charlie Stagg

more photos of
the Art & Architecture of Charlie Stagg

One of my other favorite works of folk art:
The Eye of the World

Sunset over the pollutant-free, crystal-clear waters of Galveston Bay

photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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