wisconsin + more
fall 2007

This was my 1,327th trip to Wisconsin (or maybe 6th), but never before for a folk art conference. Here's five days in about 40 photographs:

what better way to start a weekend of visionary art than a
return pilgrimage to Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois

dusk falls over Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum

fear and whiskey kept them going:
the 30th anniversary tour concert of the greatest unknown band in rock history

The Mekons at The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee

daylight visit to Calatrava's MAM:
yep, it's a lot of useless gymnastic formalism, but don't it look purty in a picture?

Milwaukee details

one of the many objets d' wonder in and around the John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

fly up to Wisconsin and see: this

experts agreed that the Kohler conference was the greatest gathering
of knowledge and intellect since Lisa Stone dined alone

my good friend Dr. Charles Smith

it's the Duchess o' Design, the Queen of Kansas City, fretter of flying,
explorer of Iowa, and author of detours - Ms. Kelly Ludwig

overhead projector mylars as magic:
Saturday dinner festivities at the Kohler

preserve art, buy Kohler

for all your zipper needs
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

at the Tellen Woodland Sculpture Park
Black River, Wisconsin

Brat Haus illumination at the Tellen

Morandi on the stove

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photos copyright Lawrence Harris