the pacific northwest
summer 2002

Eight days, eleven rolls of film, hundreds of miles, a wedding, great friends, volcanoes & lakes & forests & beaches, lots of salmon, a rock garden & an art yard, my favorite obscure band (the Mekons) in concert, recycling & smart growth & mass transit, clear skies, and the following photos:

purrty picture of sand at the oregon dunes

the petersen rock garden, near redmond, oregon

3.5 wows: crater lake national park

bathroom window, the lighthouse inn, florence, oregon

newport bridge, newport, oregon

christy gettin' ready to get married

lawrence halprin's keller fountain, portland

frank lloyd wright's gordon house, oregon gardens, silverton

4 wows: mt. st. helens, washington

the art yard, centralia, washington

all photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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