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Art Environments in the United States
No Longer Extant
or in Severe Disrepair


  The Shell Fence, St. Petersburg


  The African-American Heritage Museum, Aurora


  Dan Slaughter's Sculpture Park, McGregor


  Germantown Backyard, Louisville

  Everhart Maupin's House, Lexington


  In-Curiosity, Aberdeen

  Margaret's Grocery, Vicksburg


  Casa de Colores, Las Vegas

  Studio Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Chamisal

  Tattoo Tammy's Tiny Town, Madrid / Cerrillos

  Helen's Garden, Santa Fe


  Moses Ogden's Wonderland, Angelica

  The Totem Tree, Cayuga County


  The (Toledo) Garden of Eden, Toledo


  Henri Bernhardt's Yard Sculptures, Spartanburg


  Powers Rock Garden, Chamberlain


  The Sculpture Garden of Eliseo Alvarado, San Antonio

  The Eye of the World, Beaumont

  The Fan Man's Third World, Houston

  The Flower Man's House, Houston

  Richard Gilliam's House, San Antonio

  Australia Glenn's House, Dallas

  The Hyde Park Miniature Museum, Houston

  Sam Mirelez's Birdhouse Yard, San Antonio

  Beauty Bee Palmer's Pray House, Dallas

  Ray's Ornamental Gardens, Stephenville


  Richart's Ruins (The Art Yard), Centralia


  Paul Hefti's Yard, La Crosse

  St. Stanislaus Rock Garden, Berlin

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Art Environments
No Longer Extant or
In Severe Disrepair

*Listed by state, in alphabetical order

Rev. George Paul Kornegay's House of the Apocalypse, Brent, Alabama (EITHER IN SEVERE DISREPAIR OR NO LONGER EXTANT)


Gus Brethauer's Garden (Somewhere Over the Rainbow), Phoenix, Arizona (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Jerry Hall's World of Imagination, Tucson, Arizona (NO LONGER EXTANT)

John Guidici's Capidro, Palo Alto, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Charley Kasling's Driftwood Charley's World of Lost Art, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Albert Glade's Enchanted Garden, Chico, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Sanford Darling's House of 1,000 Paintings, Santa Barbara, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Peter Mason Bond's Peace Garden, San Francisco, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Calvin and Ruby Black's Possum Trot, Yermo, California (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Swetsville Zoo, Fort Collins, Colorado (NO LONGER EXTANT)

World's Wonder View Tower, Genoa, Colorado (IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

Elizabeth Tashjian's Nut Museum, Old Lyme, Connecticut (contents have occasionally been displayed)

Dilmus Hall's "Devil's Drinking Party Yard Show", Athens, Georgia (NO LONGER EXTANT)

J.B. "Billy (or Billie)" Lemming's Red, White & Blue Cabin, near Trion, Georgia (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Aldobrando (Aldo) Piacenza's Birdhouse Yard Show, Highwood, Illinois (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved sculptures in several museum collections)

Harry Marks' Harry's Dog House, Humesston, Iowa (Only remnants remain)

Ed Root's Sculpture Yard, Wilson, Kansas (NO LONGER EXTANT / sculptures relocated to the Grassroots Arts Center in Lucas, Kansas)

Dave Woods's Sculpture Yard, Humboldt, Kansas (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Henry Dorsey's The Attraction, Brownsboro, Kentucky (NO LONGER EXTANT)

David Butler's House & Yard Show, Patterson, Louisiana (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Royal Robertson's House, Baldwin, Louisiana (NO LONGER EXTANT)

7 Wonders of God's Creatures, Houlton, Maine (IN SEVERE DISREPAIR)

Silvio's Italian-American Museum and Pizzaria, Detroit (Redford), Michigan (EITHER IN SEVERE DISREPAIR OR NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joe Suilmann's Museum, Wabasha, Minnesota (NO LONGER EXTANT)

L.V. Hull's House, Kosciusko, Mississippi (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Jesse Howard's Sorehead Hill, West Fulton, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved signage in several museum collections)

Lewis Greenberg's "Holocaust Revisted", Ballwin, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Claude Melton's Christian Nativity Rock Museum, Kearney, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / display at the Kearney Historic Museum)

Jesse Howard's Sorehead Hill, West Fulton, Missouri (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved signage in several museum collections)

Marcus Wolf's Wolf City, Missoula, Montanta (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Kea Tawana's Ark, Newark, New Jersey (NO LONGER EXTANT) / Video on Kea's Ark

Angelo Nardone's Villa Capri, Nutley, New Jersey (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joe Furey's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Bob Smith's Land of Broken Dreams, Liverpool, New York (PRESUMED NO LONGER EXTANT)

Clarence Schmidt's House of Mirrors, Woodstock, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

The sculptures of Placido Tobasso, Utica, New York (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Baughman Park, near Frazeysburg, Ohio (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Winter Zero Swartsel's Bottle Farm, Farmersville, Ohio (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Joseph (Joe) Muhlbacher's house, near Cheyenne, Oklahoma (IN DISREPAIR)

Loren Finch's El Fincho Rancho, Agate Beach, Oregon (NO LONGER EXTANT)

The Minister's Treehouse, Crossville, Tennessee (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Ida Kingsbury's House, Pasadena, Texas (NO LONGER EXTANT / sculptures relocated to the Grassroots Arts Center in Lucas, Kansas)

The Rainbow House, Vancouver, Washington (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Walker Rock Garden, Seattle, Washington (as of Summer 2021, only portions remain)

Albert Zahn's Bird's Park, Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT / preserved sculptures in several museum collections)

Mollie Jenson's Zoo and Museum, River Falls, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Mona Webb's Wayhouse of Light, Madison, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Rudy Rotter's Museum of Sculpture, Manitowoc, Wisconsin (NO LONGER EXTANT)

Mel Gould's Buryville, Cheyenne, Wyoming (as of 2023, only portions remain)

Sarasville, Cheyenne, Wyoming (NO LONGER EXTANT)

all photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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