the road to louisville & philly
fall 2010
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Louisville, where even the water pumping station is classy

Not a bad place to spend eternity
Cave Hill Cemetery
Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville honors the gang back at 3050 Post Oak

My first time back since the summer of '72 with granny
Churchill Downs
Louisville, Kentucky

Two of my favorite folks in the collection of
the Kentucky Folk Art Center
Morehead, Kentucky

New River Gorge Bridge
near Fayetteville, West Virginia

In the morning mist
Flatwoods, West Virginia

If there are still any metalsmiths out there, make this pilgrimage:
the art of Samuel Yellin at the Citizens Bank of Weston
Weston, West Virginia

Good thing my family didn't settle in West Virginia . . .
The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Weston, West Virginia

Taking a roadside break on Sideling Hill in western Maryland

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photos copyright Lawrence Harris

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