NOTE #1: It has been reported that Google's "My Maps" program, used to create these maps, may not be fully active on iPhones. On other devices the placemarks and legend list should be "clickable" to more data.

Future Travel "Wish List" Maps

NOTE #2: These are a few perhaps not-so-well-known places that may or may not be worth checking out. (They were created as my very own "wish lists" for future travel, but I've decided to share.) Warning: it's heavily biased in favor of modern architecture, folk art environments, art, historical or contemporary places of worship, pop culture, and cool stuff. Be sure and check out the other specific architecture & folk art environment maps below for even more.

NOTE #3: Feel free to contact me directly at for questions concerning the "stop-worthiness" of any of the suggested locations. My travel consultation advice fee is very reasonable; I accept gold bullion.

"You will find a fortune,
though it will not be the fortune you seek."

The Blind Seer

  The Northeast

  The South

  The Midwest

  The Plains States


  The West (excluding California)



Maps by Subject

  U.S. Visionary Folk Art Environments

  World Visionary Folk Art Environments

  The Architecture of Louis Sullivan

  The Architecture of Bruce Goff

  The Architecture of the Saarinens

  Texas Post Office Murals of the WPA Era

  NarrowMap of Vanity Fair's Architecture Poll

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